Cease & Desist


I received an e-book ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

While this is my first review of a novel that is yet to be released, it will certainly not be my last. When I discovered that NetGalley existed I felt supremely lucky to be able to read and review books that haven’t yet hit the shelves.

I decided to stick with some comfortable territory and check out a Young Adult title that looked promising.

Cease de Menich is a rising star, whose fame has arisen due to a gene that has been passed on to her from generations of ancestors. She discovers this truth as she is cast in a ‘reality-drama’ in which she plays Jeanne D’Arc. As events in the show begin to reflect those hidden in her family history, Cease must decide what to do with her budding fame.

Claiming to be a ‘dark contemporary thriller with a supernatural twist’, I was excited to read something with a potentially unreliable narrator.

Unfortunately, this book didn’t live up to its description.

Cease & Desist

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