Akata Witch


After a rather long hiatus I’ve returned after hitting up my local library for some reads!

All too often, I find that books found in the Children and Young Adult sections are ignored and overlooked by adults. While certainly not marketed towards adults there are many wonderful and unique experiences to be found within their pages. They’re immensely readable, and not too juvenile or simple as some would fear.

The mark of a good Children’s or Young Adult novel is this: the writer knows that kids are people. They’re smart, versatile, and unique individuals, and a story doesn’t have to be dumbed down to appeal to them.

This is where Akata Witch comes in.

akata witch cover

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Dorothy Must Die


I love retellings of fairy tales, fables, and other books – anything that shows the reader new and unexplored depths of plot and character fascinate me. Some of my favourite books are new takes on older tales (Tiger Lily, Deathless). So it goes without saying that I was thrilled to pick up this book and dive back into Oz.

It wasn’t what I hoped for.

Dorothy Must Die

After seeing a stellar review of this book I considered myself lucky to grab a copy from the library. My high hopes sank consistently as I ploughed through chapter after chapter. Dorothy Must Die did have some good things going for it, and I’ll begin with those.

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Poet Robot


When I first began this website, I thought that it would be nice to find other writers to follow on WordPress.

I began following A Narcissist Writes Letters, To Himself and I have to admit that it’s the only website that I actually currently follow. The site is frequently updated and when I saw that Eric was giving away copies of his book ‘Poet Robot’ I e-mailed him immediately to ask for one. He responded positively, and some days later I received a signed and dedicated copy in the mail.

Poet Robot Cover

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This year I decided to really get back into reading, preferably at the rate of one or two completed reads a week. With that in mind, I picked up several books based entirely on their covers. Not solely for cover art, but also based on the small blurbs on the front and back of the book.

When I came across Planetfall it seemed like a very promising read. Blurbs called it “enthralling, glorious, heartbreaking, beautiful, thrilling” and a whole host of other intensely positive and compelling adjectives. Add in that it’s a science fiction novel and I was definitely in for this!

I have rather mixed thoughts on this book, right out of the gate.

Planetfall Cover

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