Author Spotlight: MaryRoyale


Welcome to another edition of Fanfic Feature Friday! It’s been a while, but I thought I’d try something new today with my first Fanfic Author Spotlight. Sometimes I’ll stumble across a fantastic story, and when I check out the author’s body of work I have the good fortune of discovering that the bulk of it is equally wonderful.

In this author spotlight, I intend to bring to you the authors I know that I can rely on for a good read no matter the length, fandom, or focus. They’re the writers that have made me seek out specific characters, fandoms, and pairings, and who have set their own fanfiction trends purely by virtue of their storytelling skill and originality.

This week, the Author Spotlight is on MaryRoyale.

Found on, her focus is mainly on Harry Potter fics. Her stories depart from standard monogamous and heteronormative standards, most of them featuring relationships with multiple partners and genders. They’re easily readable, both the one-shots and the novel-length work. Aside from the great writing, her fics appeal to me as she writes mostly AU (alternate universe) stuff, and also plays around with tropes like time travel and soul bonds.

Waiting for her unfinished works to update is super difficult, but always worth it when a new chapter is posted. Most of her fics are Hermione-centric, which works well because of the characterization given in each story.

Behold, some of my favourite fics of hers!

Arx Domus Nigrae (AU, novel-length – incomplete)

There are legends among the pureblood families about Keepers-special witches who have the power to restore a fallen House. If any House needed a Keeper, it’s the Ancient and Noble House of Black. Hermione/Multi (Cygnus, Orion, Sirius AND Regulus). Polyandry.

Really cool wizarding/pureblood lore. Features interesting relationship dynamics and a lot of Hermione learning new things.

The Lost Lupin (AU, novel-length – complete)

The Lupins fear Greyback’s revenge will not stop with Remus, but might spread to his little sister Hermione. They make an unorthodox decision to protect their daughter without telling their son. Remus has been looking for his sister ever since. Time travel, AU, EWE, NON-CANON SHIPS (underline this bit 8,000 times), etc. Please see warnings.

Essentially the Potter-centric teen drama you didn’t know you wanted, with some more serious undertones.

Desperate Measures (AU, novel-length – incomplete)

Cassiopeia Black wasn’t the sort who was willing to just sit idly by while her House fell down around her. When Cassiopeia is given a Muggleborn witch orphaned by Death Eaters, she uses magical adoption to make the baby a true Black. Pureblood!Hermione. Slytherin!Hermione.

One of my favourite incarnations of Pureblood Hermione ever. Pureblood lore and interesting connections between the Blacks, the Malfoys, the Potters, and the Longbottoms.

That’s all for now, be sure to pop by and leave MaryRoyale a review if you check out her stories!

Who are your favourite fanfic authors? Let me know in the comments below!