Are you interested in my writing, or in a collaboration?

Would you like to provide me with an ARC or copy of your book in exchange for an honest review?

Please be aware that I cannot guarantee a positive review. If there’s something I didn’t enjoy about your book it will be in the review. All of my impressions, positive or negative will be included.

If you’d like the review to be published within a certain time-frame, please let me know in your initial request.

My reading tastes are eclectic at best, and I will review almost any genre save for the listed exceptions.

I will review most anything from genre fiction of all kinds, to memoirs, to graphic novels, to literary fiction.

I will not review:

  • Picture Books
  • Christian Fiction
  • Self-Help Books (with a few exceptions)

(It has come to my attention that my spam folders are overactive – if you’ve e-mailed me, please comment below so that I can check for your message.)

I can be reached at for all inquiries.

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