I was at the book store yesterday (under the pretense of buying candles) when I saw a book that I’d read a while ago is soon becoming a television show!Blackbirds

So of course I had to re-read it to establish if I could trust my first impression of the book. I had originally reviewed it and given it two out of five stars.

I had originally picked up this book not only for the cool cover (kudos to the artist) but also because the concept was just fascinating to me. A protagonist who sees how people will die upon touching them? Sign me up!

There were definitely things I enjoyed about this book. I loved that the issue of fate and whether or not it can be altered is brought up so soon in the book. When dealing with a seer of any kind, that is always an important point to establish early on.

The plot was interspersed with flashbacks that give the reader a look at Miriam’s past, which was good. We also get a look at he pasts of other characters. Apart from that it was a very straightforward ‘on the road’ story. That could have worked, but the development of the characters fell flat, in my opinion. I didn’t care about them.

The book seemed unnecessarily disjointed, and the characters felt hollow to me.

Honestly though, the main problem is that I was bored by this book. Despite the flashbacks, and Wendig’s attempt to flesh out the secondary characters, the main story wasn’t compelling. It was go-go-go all the time, which I usually enjoy, but I just couldn’t get into it!

I didn’t find Miriam to be a likeable protagonist, but that was realistic considering the ways her gift/curse had affected her. There was a ton of profanity in this book, but that didn’t bother me either. I was bothered by the sheer graphic amount of gore in this book. There is simply too much gratuitous gore in this book.

I was most bothered by the fact that Miriam’s voice sounded more like man’s than it did like a woman’s. I would have enjoyed this book far more had Wendig written a male character – as that seemed to be the case anyway. Miriam made far too many dick jokes to be plausible, and her voice seemed too contrived.

Upon my re-read, my original opinion of this book stands.

I loved the concept, but didn’t enjoy the book and still have no desire to read the next one.

Maybe the writers adapting the book for television will be able to change things just enough for me to enjoy it, but only time will tell.



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